Saturday, January 17, 2009


EVEN i really tired..
EVEN i really sick..

EVEN i become hopeless..
EVEN i didn't get anything..

EVEN my lecturer very scary..

EVEN i scared to face my schedule everyday..

EVEN sometimes i can be a negative person..
EVEN i can't do something more than i can do..
EVEN i become more pressure..

EVEN everyday i really bored..
EVEN everyday i miss my hom
EVEN i become more lonely..
EVEN i hate sumthing..

EVEN i need to go out to do fieldwork..

EVEN i never get to sleep..

EVEN maybe someone will talk back about me..

EVEN i need to step up 79 stairs everyday..
EVEN i added another more stairs to go to my classroom..
EVEN i become sleepy in the class..

EVEN i become biro kerohanian dan kebajikan of my class (ape kejadahnye??)
EVEN i hate to come back to school again..
EVEN i need to wait for 6 months more..

EVEN i miss my bed..

EVEN i need to follow the new rules..
EVEN i need to face 'warden'..
EVEN i don't have time to hang out wif my friends..

EVEN and EVEN and EVEN.....

~There are a lot of things th
at i really need to be scarified...sampai bile pun this 'EVEN' word takkan my last words before : " if we wait for tomorrow, tomorrow comes, if we don't wait for tomorrow, tomorrow comes". and everyday is a new day. fullfill it with the positive elements. Ini adalah amanah yang penuh dengan tanggungjawab..dan sekarang terpikul on my shoulder.. Yes! now i'm learning to be a good and special teacher..=) please pray for me... there a lots of EVEN..but I'll never regret!!!!

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